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We love to value motorbikes and give them a new home. we will pay cash or a bank transfer for motorbikes in any condition.

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125CC Engine or higher

2000 and onwards reg plate

Less than 40,000 mileage

Did you know that Superbike Factory value over 100 motorbikes a month? The staff here are bikers who have technical knowledge of all motorbikes which helps them quote a real cost for all motorbikes, the online valuation is a way of turning your motorbike into money. The team will collect your email and then call you with a price, if you accept the cost we will on the day provide cash for the bike or do an instant bank transfer. We are looking to buy all motorbikes covering the full range. Don't worry if we cannot buy the motorbike we can show you websites where you can advertise your motorbike for free. We do not charge for collection and we will complete a purchase within a 48 hour period.

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Our valuation service usually takes 1 minute to fill in, the email will land in font of one of the team. They will then call you to offer a valuation on the motorbike, the valuation team all ride motorbikes and do not need to physically see the motorbike, we try and get all the full details on the phone to be as transparent as possible with valuations, as we handpicked the team of valuers we believe they are the best in the UK at this service.

As the UKs largest valuer of used motorbikes you can trust us, send your details or call us on 01625 353012.

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We understand having your bike valued can be a hassle sometimes, true to our word we keep the whole valuation simple, we will never add admin fees or charge for pick up.

We understand motorbikes

Every single person we have employed is either a biker or has worked in and around bikes, due to our dedication of choosing staff like this we can accurately value all motorbikes fairly.

We are the UK's largest buyer and seller of motorbikes

Looking to part ex your bike? Use this form and the team will be in touch part exchange quote today.

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For more info about part exchanging your bike call us on 01625 353012 or email

Selling & Part Exchange FAQs

What will I need when I sell or part exchange?

  1. Your motorbike, of course.
  2. The V5 logbook/registration certificate, which must be in the name of the registered keeper. Sometimes the paperwork is in a seller’s maiden or previous married name. That’s no problem as long as you can show your marriage certificate.
  3. Two forms of ID. One must be original photo ID such as your passport. The other should be a proof of address item, such as a utility bill or a council tax letter dated within the last 3-6 months. The name and address on your log book and ID must match.
  4. Both sets of motorbike keys. If one key is missing, please tell us at the valuation stage or we may have to reduce our offer after the inspection.
  5. Your bank details. We are keen to pay straight away, but can only transfer the money to an account in the name of the registered keeper.
  6. Finance settlement letter. If any finance payments are outstanding, we won’t be able to buy your bike without a letter from the finance company detailing the settlement figure.

What happens once I've accepted your offer?

Simply call our team on 01625 353012 or email so we can arrange the most convenient time to come and inspect your bike, transfer the money and take it away. We collect from anywhere in mainland UK and we're happy to meet up at your home or another location. We will arrange a convenient date and time for your collection.

What if my bike has private restristration plates?

We don’t specialise in private plates, so won’t offer more because your bike has them. But, with that caveat… We’re happy to buy bikes with private plates. We’re also happy if you prefer to keep your private plates. But please note that it’s your responsibility to arrange this with the DVLA before selling the bike to us. They can reassign the plates to a new vehicle, or provide a retention certificate so that the plates can be reassigned later.

How will you pay me when you buy my motorbike?

The payment will be made directly into your bank account during the appointment to inspect and collect your bike. You’ll have the money in full before we take your motorbike away.

Can I sell to you without the V5?

No, we only ever buy motorbikes with the correct V5 registration document (log book), but don’t despair if you’ve mislaid yours. Go to the DVLA website and follow the steps to get a replacement.

What will happen to my motorbike once I agree to sell it?

Our expert will complete the paperwork with you, then transfer the money straight into your bank account. You’ll see that the payment has been made before we load the bike into our van and take it to SuperBike Factory's headquarters.

What do you mean by 'subject to inspection'?

Simply that our initial valuation is as accurate as possible, but shouldn’t be viewed as a contract. There’s no substitute for an expert inspection, so the valuation we provide after the inspection may be different. But this will only happen if our expert finds an extra feature, customisation or difference in the condition of the bike that was not apparent when we provided the initial valuation. The post-inspection valuation is our final offer. We won’t haggle. If our Motorbike Expert agrees with the initial valuation, that’s the price we’ll pay.