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More people than ever before are considering health insurance to get quicker access to private medical treatment for themselves and their family. Most of us have experienced issues with NHS waiting times or you might have seen something in the news about it.
Health insurance for motorcyclists can help you to recover more quickly and get back to normal if you need medical treatment. Another major reason for people looking for health insurance is to give them and their family access to the best medical care when they need it most.
Private health insurance provides access to quicker diagnosis and treatment and will normally include customer benefits like online GP services and discounted gym memberships. If you’re injured while out on your motorbike, health insurance can often offer extra financial support for private surgeries, physiotherapy, and much more.
Private health insurance has become more popular in the UK over the last couple of years, due to constantly growing NHS waiting lists. According to Finder, the number of people with health insurance in the UK increased by 83% between 2021 and 2022 (11.7 million).
What does Health Insurance for Motorcyclists cover?
Most health insurance companies will cover the cost of private treatment in literally hundreds of private hospitals and clinics across the country. Private medical treatments can be extremely expensive, and health insurance for motorcyclists can help to cover the cost of:
·      In patient medical treatments
·      Overnight stay in a private hospital
·      Day patient treatments
·      Cancer diagnosis and treatments (drugs not available on the NHS)
·      Parent accommodation (if your child needs to stay in hospital overnight)
·      Diagnostic tests and scans (e.g. MRI, CT, PET scans)
·      Cash pay outs if you need to stay overnight in an NHS hospital
Some more comprehensive health insurance policies might also cover:
·      Outpatient treatments and surgeries
·      Dental treatment
·      Optician appointments
·      Mental health treatment
·      Additional therapies (e.g. physiotherapy, acupuncture)
·      Overseas medical treatment
Many insurance companies also offer great extra benefits to support their customers. This includes things like 24/7 virtual GP appointments, bereavement support, and discounts from top high street brands like Apple, Garmin, and Caffe Nero.
Our carefully chosen motorcyclist health insurance policies are provided by a panel of the UK’s top health insurance companies including:
·      Aviva
·      AXA Health
·      Bupa
·      National Friendly
·      The Exeter
·      Vitality
·      WPA
Why do I need Health Insurance for Motorcyclists?
It’s not fun to think about what could happen when we’re riding our bikes, but realistically there is a high chance that we could get injured. And of course, other medical issues can happen at any time, which can be worrying if you need surgery or specialist treatment. Private health insurance provides some peace of mind that you will receive the medical care that you need, as soon as possible.
The NHS has been in the news a lot in recent years, and most of us are aware of the increase in waiting times following the Covid-19 pandemic. A lot of people in the UK are now choosing to pay for private medical care, rather than waiting in long NHS queues.
This can be very expensive if you choose to pay for private treatment with your own income, savings etc. Health insurance (or ‘private medical insurance’) helps with these costs, by allowing you to claim for any treatments or consultations that your policy covers.
One of the best things about health insurance is that the policies are usually very flexible. Most health insurance companies will allow you to add or remove benefits to build the level of cover that works best for you.
Which is the best Health Insurance for Motorcyclists?
There are a lot of brilliant options for health insurance companies in the UK, including top insurers like Aviva, Bupa, AXA Health, and Vitality. The ‘best’ health insurance company for motorcyclists will vary, depending on the benefits that are most important to each person.
For example, certain health insurance companies will be cheaper for customers who have medical conditions like diabetes, cancer, heart conditions etc. You should also consider why you want to buy health insurance and which companies will offer the right level of cover.
If you are worried about potential injuries and recovery due to a motorcycle accident, a policy that includes access to physiotherapy and rehabilitation could be your best choice. If you have a family history of cancer, many policies will provide benefits like at home chemotherapy and extra mental health support.
There are also several different types of health insurance to choose from including:
·      Individual health insurance: This will be a standard health insurance policy which will only help with the cost of medical treatment for one person. Family members may be able to benefit from specific policy benefits as well (e.g. online GP appointments).
·      Couples health insurance: You can use a couples health insurance policy to protect both you and your partner within one insurance plan. This can be a more convenient and easier to manage option, and many health insurance companies will offer discounts to couples and families.
·      Family health insurance: Most insurance companies will allow you to add your partner and children to your health insurance policy to protect your whole family.
·      Over 50s health insurance: Certain health insurance policies are designed to work well for over 50s and include helpful benefits to support your health and wellbeing.
·      Business health insurance: Many business owners choose to buy health insurance for their employees. Health insurance is seen as an attractive benefit which encourages current employees to stay and helps with recruiting new talent to the business.
Ultimately, you should consider all your options carefully and do some research before making any decisions. A motorcyclist health insurance specialist can help you to quickly compare the best options on the market, so that you get all the benefits that you need at a fair price.
What is the average cost of Health Insurance for Motorcyclists?
There isn’t one set price for health insurance, as things like your age, postcode, and medical history will affect the cost of your cover. The average cost of health insurance for motorcyclists can be anywhere between £60 - £100 per month, depending on the policy that you choose.
This won’t be the price that everyone pays though, and some of the cheapest health insurance policies will start from around £20 per month. If you are worried about high prices, there are some simple ways to lower the cost of your policy. You can:
·      Agree to pay more excess when you claim
·      Remove policy benefits that you don’t need
·      Don’t add on extra benefits
·      Compare prices from multiple insurance companies
·      Choose a basic hospital list (often still includes over 100 hospitals)
·      Choose a ‘guided’ treatment option (the insurance company gives you a recommended list of specialists when you need to claim)
·      Improve your health (e.g. quit smoking)
·      Take advantage of no claims discounts when available
Does Health Insurance for Motorcyclists pay out?
Health insurance for motorcyclists will pay out for treating any injuries or illnesses which are covered within your policy. Every health insurance policy will be slightly different, but your policy documents should explain everything that you can and can’t claim for.
If you need to claim on your health insurance, you will need to contact your insurance company as soon as you can. Their claims team can then tell you if your claim is valid and will arrange for you to receive the treatment that you need.
When you apply for your policy, you will usually choose a specific ‘hospital list’ which includes all the hospitals and clinics where you can receive treatment. Most of the time, health insurance companies won’t pay out for treatment in hospitals that aren’t on your list, or you might have to pay extra.
Is Health Insurance for Motorcyclists worth it?
More and more people in the UK now believe it is worth paying for private health insurance, due to long NHS queues. Health insurance for motorcyclists will cover a range of medical issues and won’t be specific to illnesses or injuries caused by riding a bike.
Private health insurance is a simple and easy way to gain access to private medical care at a fraction of the usual cost. It does cost more compared to free NHS services, but many people are now happy to pay this price instead of waiting for months or even years for NHS treatment.
For someone with a busy and active lifestyle, it can be hard to book an appointment with an NHS doctor at a convenient time. Private health insurance for motorcyclists gives you more control over when and where you receive your medical care.
What doesn’t Health Insurance for Motorcyclists cover?
Health insurance for motorcyclists is designed to cover that cost of treating medical issues that happen after you have bought your policy. Health insurance generally won’t cover the cost of treating any medical conditions that you had before applying (pre-existing conditions).
You also won’t usually be able to claim for chronic medical conditions, which are conditions which require ongoing treatment. There can sometimes be exceptions to this, which would be explained fully in your policy documents.
Other things that may not be covered include:
·      Pregnancy (and pregnancy related health issues)
·      Treating illnesses or injuries that are a result or drug or alcohol abuse
·      Treatment for self-inflicted injuries
·      Emergency medical treatment
Occasionally, insurance companies may not pay out to treat injuries related to a ‘sporting activity’ like riding a motorbike. Some policies will also not pay out for professional sports, which would affect you if you race professionally (e.g. MotoGP)
It’s important to check that your policy will pay out in situations like this before you apply. If you aren’t sure which policy will offer the right level of cover, it can be helpful to get some advice from a health insurance specialist.

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