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About Income Protection Insurance for Motorcyclists



Income protection insurance for motorcyclists can provide you with comprehensive financial protection if you can’t work due to an accident or sickness. Cover start from as little as £5 per month and will replace lost earnings from time off work from an injury or illness.
Income protection insurance can be extremely useful for motorcyclists because it pays out if you’re involved in an accident. This type of cover also pays out for all sorts of other potential issues that can result in you having time off work such as:
-              Mental health conditions
-              Cancers
-              Musculoskeletal injuries
-              Long-term sickness
More people than ever before are looking at income protection insurance for peace of mind and financial security. Unfortunately, most of us would struggle financially if we couldn’t work for a period of time and our employers don’t provide as much support as they have in the past, or we’re self-employed.
What does Income Protection Insurance for Motorcyclists cover?
Income protection insurance is a more comprehensive cover option to things like personal accident insurance. This type of cover offers you and your family complete protection against loss of income through sickness or injury.
Our income protection policies offer flexible long-term and short-term cover options for motorcyclists starting from only £5 per month.
Top 3 income protection insurance claims (Aviva 2022):
1.        Musculoskeletal injuries (37%)
2.        Mental health conditions (21%)
3.        Cancer (11%)
Motorcycle accidents can result in having to take a significant amount of time off work, especially if the accident is serious. Your cover will pay out a monthly tax free income to help cover your monthly bills until you’re able to return to work.
Income protection insurance also provides support services and therapies to help you to recover more quickly.
Why do I need Income Protection Insurance for Motorcyclists?
The simple answer is, you don’t need income protection insurance and it’s up to you to decide if you want this type of cover or even whether it’s affordable. If you or your family would struggle financially if you couldn’t work, then this cover can definitely help and it can make a big difference when you need it most.
Income protection insurance is often much cheaper and affordable than people think and it covers things life motorcycle riding. Cover starts from as little as £5 per month and we work with the top insurance brands in the UK to offer the best and cheapest cover for motorcyclists.
Income protection insurance can pay for:
-              Mortgage or rent payments
-              Bills and utilities
-              Household expenses (e.g. shopping, subscriptions, clothing etc.)
-              School fees
-              Cost of living
Most employers don’t offer sick pay to employees and it is difficult for most employees to cope financially if they couldn’t work. If you’re self-employed then income protection insurance can be even more important to protect against potential loss of income.
Does Income Protection Insurance for Motorcyclists cost more?
You shouldn’t have to pay more for income protection insurance because you ride a motorbike, but it can happen if you’re not careful. Some companies charge more for motorcyclists and that’s where our experts can help, because we know which companies are best and cheapest for motorbike riders.
There are however, some motorbike activities that might cost more for income protection insurance such as:
-              Off-road or motocross
-              Motorbike racing (amateur or professional)
-              Motorbike couriers
You shouldn’t have to pay extra for one-off events such as track days and this should be included in your policy.
Does Income Protection Insurance for Motorcyclists pay out?
Your cover should pay out for time off work that has been caused by a motorbike accident, and any other cause of absence covered under the policy. Most good income protection insurance policies will provide comprehensive protection against loss of earnings for most reasons.
You should make sure that you disclose motorbike riding on your application so that your cover include this activity. If you fail to disclose that you ride a motorbike then your cover might not pay out in the event of claim.
What does income protection insurance not pay out for?
There are some standard exclusions with most types of income protection insurance policies that you should be aware of, including (but not limited to):
-              Redundancy
-              Unemployment
-              Self-harm or self-inflicted injury
-              Alcohol or drug related injury and illness
It is important to make sure that your cover does not exclude motorbike riding and you should check your policy wording very carefully.

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