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Life Insurance for Motorcyclists from ONLY £5 per month



About Life Insurance for Motorcyclists


Life insurance for motorcyclists gives you peace of mind that your family and home are protected if something happened to you or your partner. We’ve partnered with iam|INSURED because they’re a leading life insurance expert and they understand the needs of bikers because they are bikers.
Life insurance provides financial security for your family and peace of mind for you from as little as £5 per month. Getting the right cover can provide you with the best financial protection for your loved ones and can save you £100’s every year.
Our life insurance policies for motorcyclists pays out a lump sum to protect your family if you or your partner dies.
Why choose Superbike factory life insurance for motorcyclists?
Some life insurance companies charge more for motorcyclists and that’s not fair, so our partners offer cover from the best providers for bikers. Our top priority is to make sure that you pay a fair price for your life insurance and that you get comprehensive cover to protect your whole family.
Our partners understand your needs to help you to get the best cover at the right price. Protecting your family is important and so is making sure that you don’t pay more than you need to for your life cover.
-       We don’t charge higher life insurance premiums for motorcyclists
-       Cover does not exclude motorcycle riding or racing
-       Life insurance available for motorcycle racing and track days
-       Flexible cover options available from our top insurance partners
-       Premiums start from ONLY £5 per month
We can help to save you time and money on your life insurance premiums, as well as some extra benefits and rewards.
What does Motorcyclists Life Insurance cover?
Our carefully selected Superbike Factory life insurance partners offer the very best and cheapest Life insurance for motorcyclists. These policies provide financial protection for you and your family and will pay out a cash lump sum in the event of your death, regardless of how the cause.
There are a few main types of life insurance to choose from including:
·      Family life insurance and Mortgage life insurance: Term life insurance policies will cover you for a set number of years (your ‘policy term’). The two main options are level term cover which is designed to protect your family, and decreasing term cover which is designed to protect your mortgage.
·      Whole of life insurance: Whole of life insurance offers more comprehensive cover, as it protects you up until the end of your life.
·      Over 50s life insurance: Over 50s policies are designed to work well for people aged 50 and over. These policies often include extra benefits and rewards specifically chosen for people over 50.
·      Guaranteed life insurance: Guaranteed life insurance can be useful for anyone who has struggled to get traditional cover, as these policies are ‘guaranteed acceptance’.
·      Business life insurance: There are some life insurance policies that work to protect your business against the financial impact of losing a key member.
·      Family income benefit: This is a lower cost option for life cover that pays out a regular income rather than one lump sum.
·      Critical illness insurance: Critical illness insurance pays out a cash lump sum if you are diagnosed with a serious illness. Critical illness cover is a life insurance product and can be combined with standard life insurance or bought separately.
There is also no need to worry that a dangerous hobby like riding a motorbike will stop you from buying the insurance that you need. There are some great options for life Insurance for motorcyclists and at a fair price.
Why do I need Life Insurance for Motorcyclists?
No one likes thinking about what might happen if they died and it's a difficult topic for most people to talk about. However, it’s incredibly important to ensure that you have the right protection in place for your home and family if this does happen to you.
Financial experts like Martin Lewis often talk about the benefits of life insurance and how we ‘need to get over it and get it sorted’. A life insurance policy can pay out £1000’s to support your loved ones and relieve some financial pressure during a devastating time.
The pay out from a life insurance for motorcyclists policy can be used for:
·      Repaying debts
·      Mortgage repayments
·      Funeral bills
·      School fees
·      Childcare costs
·      General cost of living for a time
Which is the best Life Insurance for Motorcyclists?
There isn’t one overall ‘best’ life insurance policy for motorcyclists as everyone will need something slightly different from their cover. Some insurance companies will be better suited to motorcyclists though, as this hobby can be viewed as ‘high risk’.
Comparing quotes from multiple life insurance companies will be the best way to work out which one will offer the right price and level of cover. This can be a long process though, which is why many people find it useful to get advice and support from a life insurance broker.
What is the average cost of Life Insurance for Motorcyclists?
The average cost of life insurance is around £38 per month, but the actual price that you will pay will be based on your own situation.
There are several things that insurance companies will look at to work out how much your policy should cost. This includes things such as:
·      How old you are (age)
·      The type of cover that you need (level, decreasing, increasing etc.)
·      How long you need cover for (policy term)
·      Your medical history (any medical conditions, family history)
·      Your job role
·      Smoker status
You can usually reduce the cost of your policy by making a few simple changes. Lifestyle changes like quitting smoking or losing weight can make a significant difference to the price of your cover. It’s also usually cheaper to buy cover when you are young, so it’s better to buy your policy sooner rather than later if you can.
The easiest way to get the best and cheapest life insurance for motorcyclists is by speaking to an experienced life insurance specialist.
Does Life Insurance for Motorcyclists pay out?
It’s a common myth that life insurance policies won’t pay out when you need them to. The Association of British Insurers has reported that around 98% of life insurance and critical illness claims paid out in 2022.
Life insurance has one of the highest pay out rates for personal insurance policies. The main reason for life insurance policies not paying out is ‘non-disclosure’. This is when a person doesn’t mention relevant information during the application process (e.g. an existing medical condition).
This is why it is important to answer all the questions that you are asked honestly, to avoid any issues at a later point.
Is Life Insurance for Motorcyclists worth it?
Life insurance for motorcyclists can give you peace of mind that your family will be well looked after in the event of your death.
As motorcyclists are at a higher risk when on the road, it is more likely that a road traffic accident could happen. If you died due to an accident, your life insurance policy can pay out a significant amount of money to support your loved ones.
This money can be a lifeline for your family, preventing them from struggling with important costs such as funeral bills or mortgage repayments.
What doesn’t Life Insurance for Motorcyclists cover?
Life insurance for motorcyclists will pay out in most situations and will cover things like accidental death or death due to serious illness or injury.
If there is anything that your policy won’t pay out for (a ‘policy exclusion’), this will be explained in your policy documents. The most common policy exclusion is death due to suicide, which most insurance companies won’t pay out for within the first 12 or 24 months.

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