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Looking at motorcycles to value them is a passion of ours, we will happily buy any motorcycle from you and pay the same day.

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125CC Engine or higher

2000 and onwards reg plate

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A motorcycle valuation can be a stressful process, that's why we have spent a lot of time making the process as easy as possible, the above form has been tailored so getting a valuation is a quick, easy and stress free. We have a team of real bikers who will liaise with you to establish a real cost, the whole process normally takes around 20 minutes, we have a full checklist of questions which have been designed to stop haggling. All the research we have done points to one thing, people do not want to be messed around with money and want a fixed cost for their motorcycle. This is why we have the checklist. All the question cover most common problems with motorcycles and establish a true value.

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Once you have filled in the above form the team will receive an email with your contact details and the specifics of the motorcycle, we will then call you to discuss the value. The team have enough knowledge of motorcycles to value it over the phone. We believe we offer the highest prices in the UK, and always try to follow the market prices to make sure you get a fair cost. Be reassured that all purchases will be collected for free and we run a no haggle policy!

We value more motorbikes than anyone else and because of this we are always up to date with the market values, send your details or call us on 01625 353012.

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We also offer a part exchange option. Use this form to get a quote part exchange quote part exchange quote today.

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