Learn to Ride a Motorbike with SuperBike Factory 

Learn to Ride a Motorbike with SuperBike Factory 


SuperBike Factory is excited to announce that we will be launching our new Motorbike Training School this summer! Whether you're new to riding a motorbike or a seasoned rider looking to enhance your skills, our courses offer comprehensive motorcycle training to help you get the most out of your motorcycle experience.

Our Courses

Our training school caters to everyone, from total beginners to experienced road users. We offer a range of courses including CBT (Compulsory Basic Training), A1, A2, DAS, and even instructor training – ensuring that we have you covered at every level.

Why Choose the Superbike Factory Riding School?

  • DVSA Qualified and Approved Instruction for all engine sizes
  • MCIA RIDE Gold Standard Achievement
  • KRTS Accredited

Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) Course

The CBT Compulsory Basic Training Course is a mandatory course for new riders who wish to ride motorcycles or scooters. It is the first step to learn to ride a motorbike and must, by law, be taken by any new rider before they ride on public roads using L plates.

Riders must be at least 16 years old for a 49 cc machine and 17 years old for a 125 cc scooter/motorcycle. You will learn about equipment, basic skills, and eventually take to the road under the guidance of an instructor. Upon demonstrating sufficient proficiency, riders receive a CBT certificate.

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Steps to Getting Your Motorcycle Licence

Learn to ride a motorbike with a SuperBike Factory Instructor imageLearn to ride a motorbike with a SuperBike Factory Instructor image

A1 Motorcycle Licence

 If you’re between 17 and 18 years old and want the freedom to ride a bike up to 125cc without L plates, carry a pillion passenger, and travel on motorways, the A1 licence is your entry point. To obtain the A1 motorcycle licence, you must complete your CBT, pass the theory test, and successfully pass both Modules 1 and 2 of the practical test.

A2 Motorcycle Licence

For those aged 19 to 23, the A2 motorcycle licence allows you to ride bikes with a maximum power output of 35kW (46.6bhp), like the Yamaha MT-03 or KTM 390 Duke, or any bike restricted to the A2 requirements. With an A2 licence, you can carry passengers, ride on motorways, and ride without L plates. To acquire an A2 licence, you need to complete your CBT, and pass the theory and practical tests (Module 1 and Module 2).

Full UK Motorcycle Licence (Category A)

 To ride a motorbike of any size, you’ll need a full UK motorcycle licence, also known as a Category A licence. You can qualify for this licence if you are 21 years old and have held an A2 licence for at least 2 years, or if you are 24 years old or older. This licence allows you to ride any motorcycle of any capacity and power, with or without a passenger, on any road.

Once you've obtained your full UK motorcycle licence, you'll have the freedom to buy and ride any motorbike you choose!


Get Started with SuperBike Factory

Start your journey to riding a motorcycle with SuperBike Factory's rider training programs.

Whether you're aiming to complete your CBT, obtain a full UK motorcycle licence, or simply want to improve your skills, our expert instructors are here to help you every step of the way.

Learn to ride and get the best motorcycle training to enjoy your riding adventures safely and legally.


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