Accepting our Terms of Business

By asking us to quote for and arrange a finance application, and/or any associated insurance product, you are providing your informed agreement to these Terms of Business. We draw your particular attention to the section headed ""The processing of your personal data', specifically the sub-section headed ""Credit checks'

These Terms of Business, unless where expressly stated, relate exclusively to our regulated credit broking activity and our insurance intermediary activity (where we act as an Appointed Representative).

We will receive commissions from finance providers or insurers in relation to arranging finance or insurance. We will not charge you any fees for arranging finance or insurance.

The commission payment can be either a fixed fee or a fixed percentage of the amount you borrow. The lenders we work with could pay commission at different rates. The commission we receive will not affect the amount you repay under the credit agreement, if you would like to know more please get in touch.

For your own benefit and protection, you should read these terms carefully. If you are unsure about any aspect of our Terms of Business or have any questions regarding our relationship with you, please contact us at the above address.

The Financial Conduct Authority

For our credit broking activity, Superbike Factory is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Our Financial Services Register number is 649102. Our permitted business is credit broking and secondary debt management activities.

For any insurance-related activity, Superbike Factory is an Appointed Representative of Vast Visibility Ltd, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under Firm Reference Number 566973. Our Firm Reference Number as an Appointed Representative is 751593.

You may check this on the Financial Services Register by visiting the FCA's website, or by contacting the FCA on 0800 111 6768.

Our service

Helping you to decide

We offer the availability of finance facilities in order to help you pay for any products or services that we may supply, and the availability of certain insurance products.

We do not offer advice or make recommendations when arranging your finance or insurances, but we will ask some questions to allow us to narrow down a choice of lender or insurer and to provide a quotation; you will then need to make your own choice about how to proceed.

The capacity in which we act for you

In providing our credit broking service, we will act on your behalf. We are not a lender. In arranging insurances, we will act on your behalf as an insurance intermediary. We are not an insurer.

Our product range and finance provider used

We only offer finance and insurance products from a carefully selected limited range of finance providers. You can ask us for details of the finance providers and insurers that we use.


We will do our best to provide you with a high level of service and customer care at all times as our customers are very important to us. However, we do understand that sometimes things go wrong and we may fall short of your expectations. Our complaints procedure allows us to deal with complaints fairly, effectively and promptly; a summary of these procedures is available on request. If you are not satisfied, please contact us in writing, by phone or by e-mail using the address or details above.

Any complaint, whether made in writing or verbally will be immediately referred to one of our complaints officers who will investigate and respond to your complaint. We record all complaints and follow the guidelines of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as set out in their handbook.

If you are still not satisfied, you may be entitled to refer the matter to the Financial Ombudsman Service. For further information you can visit FOS website

Payment for our credit broking services

We will typically receive commissions from finance providers or insurers in relation to arranging finance or insurance. We will not charge you any fees for arranging finance or insurance.

Details of any proposed finance product

We will provide you with all required information in relation to any proposed finance product (including a Standard European Consumer Credit Information - SECCI - form, adequate explanations in relation to the proposed credit agreement and a copy of a Regulated Credit Agreement) prior to the completion of the finance arrangements.

Cancellation of Agreements

The finance provider or insurer will provide you separately with details of your rights to cancel your credit agreement or insurance policy. Please be aware that if you exercise your right to cancel the credit agreement, finance will not be provided, and you will still need to find an alternative source of finance to fund your purchase.

Your responsibilities

You are responsible for answering any questions in relation to any proposal for finance or insurance honestly and to the best of your knowledge, providing complete and accurate information which the finance provider or insurer will require. If you fail to disclose information or misrepresent any fact which may influence the finance provider's decision to provide finance, or the insurer's decision to provide insurance, this could invalidate the credit agreement or insurance policy and mean that the finance may not be provided or that an insurance claim may not be paid. You must check all details on any application form or and pay particular attention to any declaration you may be asked to sign.

It is important that you read all finance or insurance documents issued to you and ensure that you are aware of the costs, repayments and other terms that apply.

If you are unsure about any matter, please contact us for guidance.

The processing of your personal data

In your dealings with us you may provide us with information that may include data that is known as personal data. Where we process personal data we comply with statutory data processing requirements as set out by the Data Protection Act 2018. The personal data we will collect will include information relating to your name, address, date of birth, contact details and criminal offences or convictions.

We will process your personal data to allow us to provide you with our services as a credit broker in quoting for and arranging finance. Your personal data will also be used to manage future communications between ourselves. Where you have agreed, and in circumstances where to do so will be in our mutual interests, your personal data will be used to market our services. You can opt out from receiving marketing services by e-mailing

In processing personal data for insurance purposes about health or criminal offences, we will only do so to enable us to provide our service to you and on the basis of it being in the public interest.

We will only use your data for the purpose for which it was collected. We will only grant access to or share your data within our firm or other firms associated with us including Group Companies, with authorised partners, third parties and our market service providers such as lenders, other finance or insurance intermediaries or insurers where we are entitled to do so by law under lawful data processing, or as required by law.

The Data Protection Act 2018 provides you with Access Rights that allow you to gain an understanding on the data being processed, who we share it with, for what purpose, why we need to retain it and retention periods, to object to the processing and to place restrictions on the processing, to request copies of your data and to request the deletion of your data.

If you require further information on how we process your data or you wish to exercise your rights, please contact our Compliance Manager by writing to us or telephoning us using the details above. How we process your personal data is detailed further within our Privacy Notice, a copy of which is available upon request or on our website.

Credit checks

The finance provider or insurer may use public and personal data from a variety of sources including credit reference agencies and other organisations. The information is used to help tailor a price, to ascertain the most appropriate payment options for you and to help prevent fraud. Any credit reference search will appear on your credit report whether or not your application proceeds. If you have any questions about this or any other matter, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Conflict of interests

Occasions can arise where we, or one of our clients or product providers, may have a potential conflict of interest with business being transacted for you. If this happens, and we become aware that a potential conflict exists, we will write to you and obtain your consent before we carry out your instructions and we will detail the steps we will take to ensure fair treatment.

Governing Law

These Terms of Business are constituted under English Law and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.